Prime Orchestra. Dance Symphony 80s-90s

DANCE SYMPHONY 80s-90s A new disco dance music show performed by Prime Orchestra! November 3 in Pärnu Concert Hall November 5 in Tartu Concert Hall November 6 in Jõhvi Concert Hall November 7 in Alexela Concert Hall in Tallinn In the eighties and nineties, disco set a continuous rhythm, accompanied by colorful costumes and the glitter of disco balls, to which young people "rocked" on dance floors around the world. If you remember the light and perky melodies, adorned with special electronic effects, energetic dances at wild parties and want to plunge into the atmosphere of youth and joy again, come to the concert, where the hit songs of that era will be performed. Stars of the 80s – Abba, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Pet Shop Boys, Gloria Gaynor, Bee Gees, and others, as well as the legends of the 90s – Backstreet Boys, Ace of Base, Erasure, Haddaway, Bomfunk Mcs, The Prodigy, etc, who today are already considered classics of dance and pop music. Melodies and songs beloved by millions of people, which have become symbols of several eras, will be filled with bright symphonic colors and the power of a modern orchestra that has breathed new life into the famous hits. Add to this a light show, video screens, special effects, powerful, high-quality sound performed by PRIME ORCHESTRA and the audience is guaranteed vivid impressions and drive! The first tour of PRIME ORCHESTRA in Estonia took place in 2016 and received only rave reviews from the audience. A new approach to classical music, bright modern arrangements, professional musicians and a high-quality light show could not leave even a sophisticated viewer indifferent. Since then, PRIME ORCHESTRA has been coming to Estonia with a new programme every year and has always attracted full houses. In 2024, PRIME ORCHESTRA celebrates its 10th anniversary. The result of the active work: more than 20 programmes and thousands of concerts, full houses throughout the European continent and beyond. The composition of the orchestra of the 21st century is already far from classical: a driving band, amazing vocalists, a choral group, strings, brass, percussion groups and even live DJ sound effects. DANCE SYMPHONY 80s-90s is a new programme prepared specially for the tour in Estonia. The hits will be performed in an original symphonic interpretation by the founders of the genre SYMPHO SHOW, a modern crossover orchestra. Let's meet again at PRIME ORCHESTRA to enjoy the positive energy and recharge your impressions! The duration of DANCE SYMPHONY 80s-90s is 2 hours with an intermission of 30 minutes. There may be minor changes to the programme.