Piesta Kuusikaru farm cafe

At the edge of Soomaa, in the forests of Vändra, the Piesta Kuusikaru farm café welcomes you on every Sunday during summer.What makes a Sunday at the Piesta farm café a nice experience? Good flavours, kind hosts and you excellent company. There is time and there is space inside and outside. Children can run in the apple orchard and draw on asphalt. Cakes are homemade, coffee is hot and the best drinks in Soomaa are cold. Sundays are for enjoyment.
At other times, you can book catering in advance for your group. We also organise workshops, cooking sessions and special dinners called Piesta One Night Resto.

+372 508 9589
Kullimaa küla, Põhja-Pärnumaa vald, PIESTA-KUUSIKARU