Pärnu-Jaagupi Church

This single-nave Gothic building was built in 1531–1534. The two arches divide the premises into three parts. The building is made of granite and the tower is made of limestone and covered in lime plaster.
Ants Laikmaa is the author of the altarpiece, which was created in 1900–1901 and is a copy of the altarpiece "Christ on the cross" by von Gebhardt in the Tallinn Cathedral. The author of the baroque pulpit, which was completed in 1660, is Elert Thiele. The organ was made in the Walcker workshop in Riga in 1895. The church is also known as a concert venue.

The church is dedicated to Apostel St. James the Greater, the patron saint of pilgrims, and it is used by the Pärnu-Jaagupi congregation.

+372 446 4650, +372 5451 6999
Pärnu-Jaagupi alev, Põhja-Pärnumaa vald, Pärnu maantee, 45