Pärnamõisa accommodation in Kihnu

Pärnamõisa accommodation in Kihnu

Linaküla, Kihnu vald 88003
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Pärnamõisa accommodation in Kihnu invites to relax in a dignified guesthouse and summer romantic barn. The guesthouse accommodates 12-15 people in rooms with 4 beds in each, suitable to be shared among a group of friends. The summer romantic barn has four rooms with two beds in each, which accommodates up to 10 people. Both buildings have separate restrooms and shower rooms. There is a fully equipped kitchen with dishes. In the yard you can spend time swinging, playing volleyball, training in an outdoor gym, having a barbecue, or just sitting in a boat. Hot steam can be enjoyed in an igloo sauna for six people. We offer bicycle rental as well. See you in Kihnu!  

Features and amenities

Features and amenities

Breakfast for additional fee
Meals available if booked in advance


Washing machine
Camping area
Drop Toilet
Free parking
Outdoor terrace
Children's playroom
Activities for children
Recreation area/picnic ground
Sauna complex


Barbecue area
Sports facilities
Landscaped area


Shared facilities

Additional services

Bike rental


Beds 25
Number of beds in winter 12
Number of houses/buildings total 2
Rooms total 7
Number of beds in the high season 25

Additional services

Kitchen available
Motor home/caravan power supply
Motor home/caravan water supply



Getting there

We are located about 3 km from the harbour. We can pick you up from the harbour and drive you to Pärnamõisa free of charge.


Sealed access road
By car

Times and prices


Accommodation price 1 night 30.00€
Price per child 20.00€

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