Pärlselja Holiday Centre

Pärlselja Holiday Centre

Matsi küla, Lääneranna vald 88219
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We are situated in a truly scenic place on Matsi Beach, Pärnu County. The place is unique with its quietness, healing pine forest, very old junipers, sandy beach and clean sea. This is where you can take time off, be with yourself, dedicate yourself to your family or enjoy the great company of your friends. We have different courts for playing sports and all kinds of activities, including a stage and indoor hall. You can organise summer holidays for a great number of people and children's camps.

Features and amenities

Features and amenities

Meals available if booked in advance
Breakfast for additional fee


Camping area
Free parking
Motor home/caravan parking
Pets allowed
Wheelchair accessible
Fenced territory
Seminar room
Sauna complex

Camping site

Fire pit


Outdoor stage/pavilions
Landscaped area
Swimming area
Sports facilities
Barbecue area


Bed linen
Shared toilet
Shared facilities


Rooms total 87
Beds 500
Number of beds in winter
Number of beds in the high season 500
Number of houses/buildings total 10
Beds in house/home/building 50
Number of places for caravans 50
Camping area 500

Additional services

Presentation equipment

Additional services

Motor home/caravan water supply
Motor home/caravan power supply
Motor home/caravan rubbish depot
Motor home/caravan toilet emptying

Getting there

We are located in a sparsely populated area in Varbla Rural Municipality in Pärnu County and it is clear that public transport is also quite infrequent. The closest bus stop is in Kulli village, 3 km away. Tallinn is 160 km away if you take the Virtsu road. Pärnu is 60 km away.


Sealed access road
By excursion bus
By car

Times and prices

01.06 - 15.10

Single room 30.00€
Double/Twin room 40.00€
Bed in room/price per person 20.00€
Tent price 8.00€
Motor home/caravan parking price 30.00€