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"> Paatsalu harbour

Paatsalu harbour

Paatsalu küla, Lääneranna vald 88204
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Paatsalu harbour is suitable for boats with a draught of up to 1.4 meters. It is possible to use a ferry slip and rent row and motor boats. You can rent a boat to go fishing, explore the sea, paddle on the bay, or visit a nearby islet. There is something for everyone! Feel free to call the harbour captain if you have a specific question. The Pärnu County Sea Rescue Society provides a safe voyage, as Paatsalu is their home port.

Features and amenities


Drinking water
Camping area
Sauna complex
Paid parking
Drop Toilet

Number of guest slips 4
Maximum draft (cm) 150
Maximum length (m) 10

Additional services


Getting there


By car

Times and prices

01.05 - 15.11

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