Pärnu Coastal Meadow Nature Reserve, observation tower, and cows

Observation towers and cows on the Pärnu coastal meadow

Papiniidu tänav, Rannaniidu looduskaitseala Pärnu linn, Pärnu
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The observation towers built at the end of Papiniidu and Hirve Street on the coastal meadow in Pärnu are perfect for birdwatcing and admiring the coastal meadow and the bay. Both rectangular towers have a unique wooden frame which means that they will not sway with the wind and you can undisturbedly observe the birds. The towers are 8 metres high and at the top, there are information stands with drawings of birds and the protected plants growing on the coastal meadow. The reserve was established here as early as in 1958 to protect rare meadows which are rich in species.  In May, cows are brought here to maintain the meadows as they eat the reed and look adorable doing so. They are kept here until October.  

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Viewing platform
Recreation area/picnic ground
Free parking
Drop Toilet

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By excursion bus
By car

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