Nordic Verdure wreath workshop

Crafting wreaths has always been an ancient custom for Estonians. Be it field flower wreaths for the midsummer festivities, oak wreaths on the neck of heroes or Christmas wreaths on the holiday table. We took the good old habit and put it in a suitable workshop format for every season. Unleash your creativity in making wreaths from natural materials or add an exotic spark to Estonian materials – the price is according to the choice of materials (39 € -49 € / person). Additionally, a degustation from Mamm & Frukt winery is available on request and at an additional cost!We conduct our workshops at the Kolme Karu Kaubamaja department store or, for an additional fee, we will travel to you with the necessary materials.
+372 5646 0045
Pärnu linn, Pärnu, Suur-Jõe tänav 63