Niida Hunting Lodge, Russian sauna

Niida Hunting Lodge

Mereäärse küla, Lääneranna vald 88220
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Niida Hunting Lodge is located in a beautiful place, a few hundred metres from the sea. The cosy renovated complex is perfect for relaxing away from the hustle and bustle of the city. There is also a Russian sauna on the shore of a large pond. Here, you can: - spend the night and rest from the city life; - organise smaller gatherings and seminars for up to 15 people; - go to sauna and barbeque; - go to the sea and islets by boat; - go fishing with a fisherman; - engage in recreational fishing; - photo hunt in the wilderness; - go hunting with a hunter; - hike on the State Forest Management Centre trails.

Features and amenities

Features and amenities

Breakfast for additional fee
Meals available if booked in advance


Free parking
Washing machine
Recreation room
Motor home/caravan parking
Camping area
Drop Toilet
Outdoor terrace
Recreation area/picnic ground
Sauna complex
Pets allowed


Barbecue area
Landscaped area
Swimming area


TV in room
Internet (WiFi)
Extra bed available


Beds 11
Number of beds in winter 11
Number of houses/buildings total 2
Double 1
Rooms total 4
Number of beds in the low season 11
Number of places for caravans 2
Twin 2
Camping area 5
Number of beds in the high season 11
Suite 1

Additional services

Presentation equipment

Additional services

Motor home/caravan power supply
Motor home/caravan rubbish depot
Motor home/caravan water supply

Getting there

You can get here from Tõstamaa or Vatla. Either way, drive along the Audru–Tõstamaa–Nurmsi highway No. 101. If coming from Tõstamaa, drive 5 km from the Varbla centre and turn left at the Nõmme bus stop. If coming from Vatla, turn right after the bus stop onto Mereäärse road. Continue straight until you see the Urgeti road stop. Turn right, continue for about 1 km, and turn right once more. In a few hundred metres, you should see us.

Nearby stops

Bus: Nõmme


By excursion bus
By car

Times and prices


Double/Twin room 90.00€
Bed in room/price per person 65.00€
Suite 115.00€
Tent price 10.00€
Motor home/caravan parking price 25.00€