Metste Farm’s chili workshop ‘Let’s become chili friends!’

At Metste Farm you will find the largest chili collection in Estonia. We think that there is a suitable chili pepper for everyone, because a bit of heat is always good for you. We wish that you, too, would find something for yourself that would encourage you to experiment with chili and add it to foods and drinks.At the workshop, we will be giving you practical advice on what to keep in mind when choosing a chili and how chilies should be handled safely. We will be speaking about the peculiarities of varieties (heat, appearance, aroma etc) and energize our sense of taste with various products as well as dishes and drinks.
Our workshop is ideal for you if you are looking for something good-humoured and spicy!
+372 512 4698
Kärsu küla, Saarde vald, METSTE