Matsi rand

Matsi Beach and Camping Site

Matsi küla, Lääneranna vald 88219
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Shallow and sandy Matsi Beach is the best known and the most beautiful beach in the western part of Pärnu County. It is a natural, or so-called wild beach that is the perfect place for enjoying some privacy. The beach is surrounded by a beautiful pine forest growing on dunes, and there are also many different meadows and juniper groves nearby. More and more cycling tourists visit this beautiful area every year. Camping and bonfire sites have been created for the convenience of holidaymakers. Matsi beach is not an official beach; swim at your own risk.

Features and amenities


Recreation area/picnic ground
Free parking
Camping area
Changing room
Drop Toilet
Suitable for children
Pets allowed

Getting there

Matsi Beach is by the Pärnu-Tõstamaa-Varbla highway, in Matsi Village, 18 km from Tõstamaa.


By excursion bus
By car

Times and prices


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