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"> Manilaiu Harbour

Manilaiu Harbour

Manija küla, Pärnu 88112
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The quay of the Manilaiu Harbour is part of the Munalaiu Harbour. The Manilaiu Harbour services ferries running the Munalaid-Manilaid-Munalaid line. Liner Manija Mann also travels to the Manilaiu Harbour; the trip lasts about 10 minutes. Boats and small vessels can also dock at the harbour. More information about the harbour can be found here. In addition to the ferry, you can also come to Manija Island by a kayak or sailboat, or in winter with skis if the ice is thick enough. The island has its own museum and fun accommodation options. More information about accommodation and catering on Manija Island can be found here. State Port Register

Features and amenities


Free parking

Number of guest slips 1
Maximum draft (cm) 350
Maximum length (m) 45



Getting there


Sealed access road

Times and prices


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