Manija Landscape Protection Area and Island Centre

Manija Landscape Protection Area and Island Centre

Manija küla, Pärnu 88112
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Manija, the second largest island in the Pärnu County, is only 4.5 km in length and 0.5 km in width. The entire island is covered by the Manija landscape protection area, which was established in 1991, and is one of its kind because there human activities must not be restricted, but vice versa, encouraged: Promote the local cattle-breeding so that the local cultural heritage landscapes would recover and endure. The island's nature is special thanks to the growth of rare plants, coastal meadows filled with the singing of coastal birds, and the loud sound of natterjack toads. The four erratic boulders on the island are also objects of the ancient nature. Information about the nature, people, and culture of the Manija Island can be inquired from the Manija Island Centre.

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