Make your own souvenir at Thorman’s smithy

Thorman's smithy offers an opportunity to come and see a blacksmith at work.
Our blacksmith has 20 years of experience, and he will kindly share his knowledge and skills! You can forge a simple clothes hook, a tiny knife or a lucky horseshoe with the help of an instructor and according to your skill level. The guests can pick the item they want to make.

The price for workshops is agreed with the smithy; it depends on the size of the group and the item – for example, forging a nail costs 2 euros. The workshop lasts about 1 hour; more skilled apprentices complete their project faster.
Book a workshop ahead of time when coming outside the visiting hours.
You can also purchase souvenirs from our small on-site shop!
+372 517 7789
Reiu küla, Häädemeeste vald, 1