Maie Aed – a colourful home garden near Pärnu

Maie's colourful garden at the heart of Paikuse small town is a source of inspiration and ideas for many gardening enthusiasts. This English garden, which mainly uses perennials for landscaping its 1200 m² area, is full of beauty from early spring until late autumn. The flower beds of the perennials are framed with various conifers and decorative bushes. Underneath a large mountain pine is a shade garden (using peat) with rhododendrons and ferns. Free-form water feature is surrounded by lush greenery; there is also a rockery and many bulbous flowers. The owner of the garden has a diploma in horticulture, and she is happy to share her experience with all gardening enthusiasts.

Please arrange your visit in advance.
Perennials are also available for purchase.
+372 5662 1978
Paikuse alev, Pärnu, Västriku tänav, 17