Kirbla Church

Kirbla church built in the beginning of 16th century is one of the smallest stone churches in Estonia. Its length is 30 metres and its width 11 metres. According to the legend people could not agree on the location for the church. Finally heaven itself gave a sign and a sudden bolt of lightning struck Kirbla hill. Lightning had shattered a sacrifice stone as big as a sauna – this was the place where the church was built.
Interesting facts: The church is unique for its varying size of windows and the position thereof. One window is in the north wall, the one in the west wall is round and the middle window in the south wall is narrower and higher compared to the others. The grave of the last Prime Minister of the Republic of Estonia (1918-1940) – Jüri Uluots – who died in Sweden in 1945 is in the churchyard.
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Kirbla küla, Lääneranna vald, KIRBLA KIRIK