Kipperi Puhkemaja

Kipperi Holiday House

Kabriste küla, Pärnu 88308
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Kipperi Holiday House is located in a little seaside Kabriste Village and it is a perfect place to visit both for families and groups of friends as well as for those travelling by car or bicycle. The six and twin-bedded rooms of the holiday house are provided with complete bedding, a table, chairs and a TV-set, and a kitchen niche, toilet and shower for joint use and upon wish also a sauna with an electric heater. In the yard there is a possibility to use barbecue, play volleyball and badminton and ride a rowboat on the sea. In case of rainy weather a boat-shaped shelter can be used.  On prior agreement fresh fish and ride by fishing boat or speedboat on the Gulf of Pärnu is available.

Features and amenities

Features and amenities

Meals available if booked in advance


Free parking
Camping area
Motor home/caravan parking
Internet access
TV in recreation room


Barbecue area
Sports facilities
Landscaped area
Kids' playground


Bed linen
Shared toilet
Shared facilities
Internet (WiFi)
TV in room
Extra bed available


Rooms total 4
Beds 21
Number of beds in the high season 23
Double 1
Number of houses/buildings total 1
Number of places for caravans 5
Camping area 20

Additional services

Kitchen available
Motor home/caravan rubbish depot
Motor home/caravan water supply

Getting there

Kipperi Holiday House is located 25 km from Pärnu. Driving towards Audru-Tõstamaa, you will reach Kõima Village, where you should turn left (sign Sassi Farm). When arriving at the intersection turn right and drive straight on for 2 km.

Nearby stops

Bus: Audrurand


Sealed access road
By excursion bus
By public transport
By car

Times and prices


09:00 - 22:00
Single room 25.00€
Double/Twin room 40.00€
Bed in room/price per person 15.00€
Price of whole house/building 300.00€
Extra bed 10.00€
Tent price 5.00€
Motor home/caravan parking price 25.00€
Price per child 10.00€