Kiiking by Seikle Vabaks – an adrenaline rush

Kiiking by Seikle Vabaks – an adrenaline rush

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Kiiking is a great sport that was invented by Estonians. Kiiking starts when your legs are higher than your head – up until then, you are simply swinging. You can swing on every swing, but kiiking is only possible on a special swing. This is a swing specifically designed for kiiking and it challenges you in every way – the longer the shafts, the more difficult it is to swing!  You can come alone or with your friends! Come and put yourself to the test and see whether you can complete a full circle with the swing! Ask for a special offer for larger groups!

Features and amenities


Maximum number of participants 6


Duration (hours) 2


Free parking

Additional services

Safety equipment

Getting there

We are located in Pärnu. We will send you the exact address after you have booked a time.

Nearby stops

Bus: Tallinna maantee Jannseni tänaval


Sealed access road
By public transport
By car

Times and prices

01.05 - 01.11

Adult 45.00€

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