Kanuu.ee family hike in a safe 4-person canoe on River Audru

Kanuu.ee family hike in a safe 4-person canoe on River Audru

Lihula maantee, Audru alevik, Pärnu 88301
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We use canoes that are extremely safe even for small children. The canoes seat up to 4 people at a time – a whole family or group of friends. The hike starts near Audru School and most of the route is on a calm river. There is one rapid near an old mill dam, a few kilometres from the starting point of the hike. The other, which is not as rapid, is under the Audru Bridge. After the rapids, we will reach Audru Park with its ancient oaks, which is a perfect place for resting and eating lunch. We will pack the lunch for you. We will finish the hike just before the river flows into the sea. NB! The length of the hike can be changed! Price: €75 per canoe  

Features and amenities

Minimum number of participants 2
Maximum number of participants 16


Duration (hours) 4
Length/Distance 10.0


Suitable for children


Getting there

Nearby stops

Bus: Rebasefarm


Sealed access road
By excursion bus
By public transport
By car

Times and prices


Advance bookings only

Group price 90.00€

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