Kanuu.ee bog shoe hike in Rääma bog

Kanuu.ee bog shoe hike in Rääma bog

Turba tänav, Pärnu linn, Pärnu
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Come on a hike in a bog with cowberries and colourful leaves in the autumn or visit it in the winter, floating on thick snow. During spring, the nature awakens, streams ripple and birds sing; in the summer, the bog is enticing with its warm pools suitable for a swim. During the hike, we can learn about plants in the bog, and when observing quietly, we might also spot wild animals that live there. Take along a camera so you could record these precious moments! Duration of the hike is 1–5 hours (as arranged). The price includes bog shoes, services of a guide and a meal. You can travel to the start of the hike on your own, or we can offer transport for an extra fee of 4 euros per person. Take along: Clothes and footwear suitable for weather conditions, and ofcourse, come in good spirits!

Features and amenities


Minimum number of participants 20
Maximum number of participants 60


Duration (hours) 2
Length/Distance 5.0


Suitable for children

Getting there

Nearby stops

Bus: Turba


By public transport
By car

Times and prices


Adult 25.00€

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