Kaisma terviserada

Kaisma Exercise Track

Kaisma küla, Põhja-Pärnumaa vald 87401
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Lake Kaisma Suurjärv is a 1.2 km² fen lake in the northern part of Pärnu County. It is connected to Lake Kaisma Väikejärv in the middle of the fens and the area between the two lakes is a prime example of untouched nature. The 6 km exercise track runs around Lake Kaisma Suurjärv and gives you the chance to enjoy the beauty of the lake, fens and forests. 1.5 km of the track is a boardwalk. You will find a map of the track at its start. There are many information boards introducing the nature and a watchtower on the track. You can hire a boat from the rest area next to the lake and go out onto the lake. You can also spend the night and go to the sauna, set up a tent or stay in a caravan.

Features and amenities


Length/Distance 6.0


Camping area
Viewing platform
Drop Toilet
Information boards
Recreation area/picnic ground
Wheelchair accessible
Free parking

Getting there

You will reach Lake Kaisma Suurjärv after turning towards Kaisma off the Tallinn-Pärnu Road from Pärnu-Jaagupi or from Pärnjõe on the Pärnu-Vändra Road.


By car

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