Käära Farm Holiday Home

Käära Farm Holiday Home

Käära Pärsti küla, Viljandi vald 71118
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Käära Farm Holiday Home is around 6 km outside of Viljandi. Our preferred guests are couples, families with children, and small groups of friends who do not each need a separate room. Our house is like one undivided open-plan"room" with two floors. With extra beds, we can provide comfortable accommodation and a lovely time for up to six persons. More detailed information can be found on the farm's website www.kaaratalu.ee. Käära Farm Holiday Home is also on Facebook. See you soon!

Features and amenities

National Park



Free parking
Recreation room
TV in recreation room
Pets allowed


Barbecue area
Swimming area
Landscaped area


Bed linen
TV in room


Beds 4
Number of beds in the high season 4
Number of beds in the low season 4
Number of beds in winter 4
Number of houses/buildings total 1
Beds in house/home/building 4

Additional services

Kitchen available

Getting there

Nearby stops

Bus: Tedre
Train: Viljandi


Sealed access road
By public transport
By car

Times and prices


Accommodation price 1 night 75.00€
Accommodation price 1 week 420.00€
Price of whole house/building 75.00€