Hiking trail at Kõveri Holiday Centre

Hiking trail at Kõveri Holiday Centre

Kõveri küla, Saarde vald 86406
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A marked hiking trail equipped with information stands, which starts at Kõveri Holiday Centre, includes old-time lime burning places and the start of the canal Timmkanal. The trail runs along the beautiful shores of River Ura, which is lined with ferns and rare floodplain forests, and passes through the location of the former Kõveri large farm, which is marked by the ruins of the cellar and ancient trees. Once you reach the Pärapõrgu resting place, you will have had completed more than half of the distance. There, hikers can make a bonfire and enjoy a meal.

Features and amenities


Length/Distance 6.0


Recreation area/picnic ground
Information boards
Free parking
Suitable for children
Drop Toilet

Getting there

When coming from Pärnu, turn right on the 23rd kilometre of Valga-Uulu highway (6 km after Surju settlement) at "Kõveri tee" bus stop and drive straight for 4.5 km on the gravel-covered forest road towards Kõveri village. When coming from Kilingi-Nõmme, drive through the villages of Tõitoja and Ristiküla, follow the signposts and turn left into the forest. You should see the information stand indicating the start of the hiking trail and a car park. 500 m from there, you will see the buildings of the holiday centre and a car park meant for our guests.

Nearby stops

Bus: Kõveri tee


By excursion bus
By car

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