Hike on the trails of the Old Peace (Vana Rahu)

The hike along the favourite trails of the Old Peace starts in a small Indian village by the Massu River. We will walk the childhood trails of the Old Peace, where every tree, shrub, and river curve has its own story. We will walk on natural, partly animal trails, observe, listen, and act with nature in mind. We will discover different types of forests, study how to restore the health of a river, explore the habitats of beavers, and get to know the special house of the local badger family. We will talk about the main local plants, taking moments to enjoy nature and birdsong.
The duration of the trip is 1–3 hours, the length is 2–5 km.

+372 5623 4850
Reinumurru küla, Põhja-Pärnumaa vald, NURGA