Herb garden shop at Tamme Farm

Herb garden shop at Tamme Farm

Malda küla, Pärnu 88314
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The herb garden shop at Tamme Farm sells a variety of hot, sweet, tasty, and delicious products which are made from herbs, chilli peppers, berries, and vegetables grown and processed at Tamme Farm. The selection includes tea mixes, flavoured salts and spice mixes, spicy and gourmet jams, and herb oils. In addition to the Tamme Farm products, the shop also sells beautiful pottery made by the local artisan and some handicraft items. In front of the herb shop, there is a nicely decorated area where you can buy plants. Here, every gardening enthusiast will find plants they can grow at home.

Features and amenities


Free parking
Wheelchair accessible


Cash only

Getting there

Drive towards Lihula for 12 km from Pärnu. Once at the intersection, turn right towards Lavassaare. You will see a brown signpost 'Tamme talu ürdiaed Talupood 3 km' (Tamme Farm herb garden Farm shop 3 km). Drive straight for 3 km. After the second signpost 'Tamme talu ürdiaed Talupood' (Tamme Farm herb garden Farm shop), turn right onto Tamme road. Drive for another 800 m on the gravel road and then, you should see the farm buildings and greenhouses next to the forest. Turn right at the 'Romantiline Rannatee' signpost and you will reach us. You can park your car in the farmyard.


Sealed access road
By excursion bus
By car

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7-day calendar

Monday-Friday 09:00 - 15:00

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