Garden of Lepiku-Mardi Farm

The garden of Lepiku-Mardi Farm has the largest collection of perennial plants in Pärnu County: over 4,000 different plants grow on 3 hectares. For the farm, the most exciting thing is cultivating rare and little known plants in Estonian climate.

A tour of the garden with hostess Viivi lasts for two hours. You can also book a garden tour in Russian, Latvian, and English.
There is a park with trees and shrubs from around the world; the most special item is a 30-metre-wide oak.

If you are interested in the trees and shrubs growing in the garden, you can ask the owner Ain to talk about them in more detail. You can also buy the plants seen in the garden.
+372 5340 6785
Halinga küla, Põhja-Pärnumaa vald, LEPIKU-MARDI