Birdwatching towers near the Pikla ponds

Birdwatching towers near the Pikla ponds

Piirumi küla, Häädemeeste vald 86507
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Near the Pikla ponds in Luitemaa Nature Protection Area, there are two birdwatching towers – one is between the ponds and the second one, which is not as high, is located on the beach. The towers are perfect for birdwatching because they provide a great view of the coastal meadow and the sea. The low and indented coast is a favourable place for feeding and stopping for a lot of waterbirds. The most numerous and important species include, for example, small and whooper swan, widgeon, mallard, goldeneye, smew, bar-tailed godwit, wood sandpiper, white-tailed eagle, and others.

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When driving on Tallinn-Pärnu-Ikla road, turn right towards the sea at Kaasiku bus stop.

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Bus: Kaasiku


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