Beaver Trail in Soomaa National Park

Beaver Trail in Soomaa National Park

Tipu küla, Põhja-Sakala vald 71211
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What do you know about beavers and their habits? Beaver is an enthusiastic rodent and known for its excellent dam building skills. Starting from the Soomaa National Park Visitor Centre, the Beaver Trail introducing the habits of beavers takes you through the woods to see a number of beaver lodges and dams. With plenty of evidence of beaver activity throughout the entire trail, it won't be long until you'll find chopped down trees and all sorts of den construction before finishing the trail surrounded by a variety of native plants. Come and enjoy an adventure with friends and family!

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Length/Distance 2.0

National Park



Information boards
Recreation area/picnic ground
Wheelchair accessible
Drop Toilet
Free parking
Suitable for children

Getting there

The Beaver Trail is in Tipu village, on the border of Viljandi and Pärnu counties just near Soomaa Visitor Centre – 24 km from Kõpu along Kõpu-Jõesuu road. The trail starts at the parking area of the Visitor Centre of Soomaa National Park.


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