Allikukivi Manor

Allikukivi Manor

Kooli tee 2, Allikukivi küla, Saarde vald 86202
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Allikukivi Manor was built in the 1860s as a residential building for the director of the cloth fabric situated on the land of Voltveti Manor. It is a historicist brick-building with Neo-Gothic traits. Its style and the surrounding landscape remind the manor houses of that era – a representational function, a curved driveway in front of the building, and a surrounding park.  The mansion has also housed a community centre, a school, and a library. Currently, it is privately owned and used as a winery to produce wine from Estonian berries and fruits.  Apart from the textile fabric, the area is known for producing bricks and a local clay industry. It has inspired the novelist Peet Vallak and the performance by Priit Pedajas, Epp Pillarpardi Punjaba potitehas.

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We are located next to the Pärnu-Valga highway, between Kilingi-Nõmme and Tihemetsa: 5 km from Kilingi-Nõmme and 2 km from Tihemetsa centre. After you pass the Allikukivi caves, pass the valley, and turn left. The signpost next to the road says "August Janseni sünnikoht 0.2".

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