Raistiko saunamaja

Accommodation in the Raistiko Sauna Chamber

Punaküla, Põhja-Sakala vald 71204
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The sauna at Raistiko is located in a log cabin on the edge of our small lake. The second floor of the sauna building has a cozy bedroom with a double bed and two single fold-out mattresses. Perfect for a solitary, couple or family (up to 4 people) getaway. Shower and washing facilities in the downstairs sauna, composting outhouse in the yard. Possibility to cook in the main farmhouse (if available) or use one of the outdoor grills. Campfire pit in the yard. We heat the sauna at least once a week and you are welcome to enjoy a sauna visit during your stay. Warning! If you are taller than 1.7m, be prepared to walk with a bent back in the bedroom. There are several restaurants located less than 10 min drive away in Raudna and Kõpu. Viljandi, with many more choices of restaurants is only a 15-20 min drive away. Check in from 16.00, check out at 12.00. In addition to birdwatching and walks in the woods onsite, it is a short drive to Soomaa National Park with its many hiking trails.

Features and amenities

Maximum number of participants 4

National Park



Internet access
Drop Toilet
Free parking
Outdoor terrace
Sauna complex
Recreation area/picnic ground


Barbecue area
Landscaped area
Swimming area

Features and amenities

Meals available if booked in advance

Camping site

Fire pit
Drop Toilet


Shared toilet
Bed linen
Shared facilities


Beds 2
Number of houses/buildings total 1
Beds in house/home/building 4
Rooms total 1

Additional services

Kitchen available

Getting there

From either Viljandi or Pärnu, drive along Pärnu manatee (highway) until the town of Punaküla. In Punaküla turn south off the main highway onto KUNINGA ST. Turn right a little after the”Karuse Jaani” farm sign, drive over a little creek, keep right at the fork (you will see a Raisiko sign). Follow Raistiko road until the very end, where you will find our farmyard. Both Google maps and Waze do a relatively good job of getting you here, just make sure they don’t try to direct you off the main highway before Punaküla.

Nearby stops

Bus: Kõssa


By excursion bus
By car

Times and prices


Accommodation price 1 night 50.00€

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