Acacia Villa Apartment 2

Acacia Villa Apartment 2

Karja tänav 5-Villa, Pärnu linn, Pärnu 80018
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The villa complex was built in 1936 by a Pärnu architect Olev Siinmaa and it is one of the very few functional-style villas in Pärnu.The Villa is located at a short walking distance from the Pärnu market and the Rüütli street in the city centre, and a 10-minute walk from the beach.The villa apartment is located on the first floor of the garden house of the Villa and accommodates 2 people. You can have 2 extra-beds for an additional fee. The apartment has a living room, a kitchen, a shower room with a toilet and a bedroom with a double bed. You can use a pool and sunbathe in our private flower garden. Cars can be parked in the courtyard.This is a perfect holiday for the entire family!

Features and amenities


Free parking
Internet access
TV in recreation room


Swimming area
Landscaped area


Internet (WiFi)
Bed linen
TV in room
Shared facilities
Shared toilet


Rooms total 2
Beds 4
Single 2
Number of beds in winter 4
Number of beds in the low season 4
Number of beds in the high season 4
Double 1
Number of houses/buildings total 1
Beds in house/home/building 4

Additional services

Kitchen available

Getting there

After Koidula Park, there is a roundabout. Turn onto the Karja Street from the roundabout. Pärnu Bus Station is only a few minutes away. Villa is a 2-minute walk from the market and Kuninga and Rüütli Streets in the city centre, and a 10-minute walk from the beach.

Nearby stops

Bus: Turg


By public transport
By car

Times and prices


Accommodation price 1 night 88.50€

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