The beautiful city and plenty of activities to choose from will compel you to spend the night in Pärnu or the area around it. Pärnu’s hotels and its many other accommodation establishments await visitors all year round. Pärnu is best known for its spas and waterparks. There are nine different spas to choose from in Pärnu. The newest among them, the Wasa Resort, opened its doors in the summer of 2019. The selection includes wellness spas as well as medical spas.

In addition to spas and hotels, the selection also includes hostels, holiday homes, and guesthouses. Over the past few years, several accommodation establishments offering only guest apartments have opened their doors in Pärnu. Or do you find a bed and breakfast in Pärnu to be more appealing?

Outside the city

Good accommodation locations can also be found outside of the City of Pärnu. These are mainly suitable for people who are looking to get away from the everyday noise of the city. The majority of accommodation establishments located outside of the city are found along the Romantic Coastline – a 250 km stretch of the coast with exciting stories to tell. This means that many pleasant holiday sites in Pärnu County are located right by the sea or in the immediate vicinity thereof.

Many of the accommodation establishments in Pärnu County also have their own tale to tell. For example, there is a resort in Kabli where Soviet cosmonauts once came to spend their holidays. Operating in the area are, among other things, popular organisers of weddings, company events, and birthdays. Holiday homes in Pärnu County are particularly well-suited for a family holiday.

The most popular campsites in Pärnu County are located around Häädemeeste. If you are looking for an exciting location, you can choose one of RMK’s forest huts, which are located in the middle of beautiful nature, and where overnight accommodation is free for everyone.

Recommendations for choosing accommodation

Anyone who is looking to spend the night in Pärnu should be able to find a pleasant place to stay. In terms of their location, accommodation establishments are found mainly in the city centre and the beach area.


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