Sights in
Pärnu City

Pärnu Beach and Beach Park

The sandy Pärnu beach is less than a 15-minute walk from the centre of the town. The beach has fun attractions for kids, swings, minigolf tracks, velomobile and surf equipment rental. The beach promenade of Pärnu is the favourite place for romantics during all four seasons. The two stone jetties located where the beach meets the river invite guests for a walk along a 2 kilometre long path leading straight onto the sea. The Pärnu Beach Park located right off the beach is a nature reserve and is a popular place for walks or relaxation.

Pärnu Vallikäär and the Tallinn Gate

Pärnu Vallikäär captivates you with a well-lit promenade running along the rampart, a romantic footbridge bending over the moat, and the highest fountain in Estonia established in the centre of the moat. Children can play in the marine-themed playground. You can pass through the passageway between the entrenchments and visit the restored Tallinn Gate that marks the starting point of an old postal route. A summer cafe with a beautiful view from the second floor of the gate is open during the summer season.

Churches in Pärnu

St. Elizabeth’s Church in Pärnu downtown is one of the most distinguished sacral buildings of the baroque era in Estonia. One of the best organs in Estonia is situated in this church, making the church a popular concert venue. St. Catherine’s Church is one of the most stylish and richest baroque churches in Estonia. It was built on the order and with the financing of Catherine the Great and the Pärnu Russian congregation is still practicing there today. The Apostolic Orthodox Transformation of Our Lord Church, built in the old Russian style, is adorned with 6 bell towers decorated with gilded crosses. The interior includes an altar wall with 11 icons and murals made of 11 large figurative compositions.

Resort architecture and beautiful timber villas

Pärnu charms its guests with its historical architecture. Walking along the avenues from the centre of the city to the sea, you will pass through the largest district of timber villas in Estonia. The unique villas decorated with timber lace please the eye and are a joy to discover, as most of them have been restored and house a hotel or a café. The pearls of resort architecture are the Pärnu Beach House, Mud Baths and Beach Hotel that are located right on the waterfront. The latter is one of the most distinguished examples and chef-d’oeuvres of modern Estonian beach architecture. The Pärnu Kuursaal and outdoor stage, which have always been an important centre of resort life, are also located in the beach district.

Museums and workshops

The cultural life in Pärnu is enriched by numerous museums and art galleries. The so-called river of time set up in the Pärnu Museum takes you through 11,000 years of exciting history. Interactive technologies have been used for the exposition in order to create a memorable experience for the entire family. The Museum of New Art in Pärnu surprises you with contemporary exhibitions and is also the location for the international documentary film festival. At the Koidula Museum, you can get acquainted with the life and works of Lydia Koidula, the most famous poetess of the national awakening, and her father, J. V. Jannsen, in the context of Estonian national awakening. All children and adults are welcome at the Maarja-Magdaleena Guild where different handicraft workshops are open for five days a week. With the help of the craftsmen, you can make jewellery and try your hand at woodworking, felting, glass melting, and spinning the pottery wheel.