Voltveti manor park

Voltveti manor park (known also as Tihemetsa manor) consists of an old manor park in front of the manor and an arboretum behind it. The older part of the park was established in the second half of the 18th century; a large lawn with flower beds and trimmed thuyas is in front of the manor. At the centre of the park, you find ponds. The square at the back is adorned with a fountain; the pathways meander between groves and lawns.
The park is rather rich in species; it has over 100 taxons of trees and bushes, most being exotic species. Most of the older alien tree species in the so-called new park date from the times of the last owner of the manor – H. von Stryk.

A unique quarrystone dome-shaped grotto has survived in the park.

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Tihemetsa alevik, Saarde vald, Peahoone tee 2