Pärnu City Government recommends, company confirms: you are safe here

Currently, it is important to prove to those arriving in Pärnu that local businesses have committed to complying with all the instructions of the Health Board.

Responsible companies in the city of Pärnu can join the consumer label ‘You Are Safe Here’.

Companies that have joined the label confirm that:

  1. While indoors, attendants and visitors are able to keep their distance from one another.
  2. Disinfectants are located in places that are visible to everyone, and there are more disinfection stations than set forth in the minimum requirements.
  3. Keep their staff informed of the requirements and recommendations of the Health Board and ensure that no one comes to work with a runny nose, cough or other signs of illness.
  4. Alcohol is not sold to people exhibiting clear signs of intoxication and that the intoxicated person is asked to go home.
  5. They monitor their clients, and an individual is asked to return home if any signs of illness are detected. All surfaces that have been touched by a person exhibiting signs of illness shall then be disinfected.
  6. Constantly ventilate interior spaces: keep the windows open, if possible and, if the windows do not open, ventilate the interior by keeping the exterior doors open. When ventilating, both outdoor and indoor temperatures are monitored.

The following is a list of Pärnu businesses that confirm that they have done everything in their power to protect guests from the possible risk of infection and that their health is safeguarded while staying with them. One can’t be too cautious these days, so it is quite sensible to take the safety aspect into account when choosing a place to stay.

These companies confirm that they comply with all of the Health Board’s COVID-19 codes of conduct for accommodation leisure and catering establishments in order to ensure people’s well-being and good health.

  • Accommodation
  • Cafes &Restaurants
  • Activities


Tervise Paradiis Spa Hotel & Water park

Villa Ammende Hotel

ESTONIA Resort Hotel & Spa**** Hotel

ESTONIA Medical Spa & Hotel

Viiking Rehabilitation Centre

Villa Wesset

Tervis ravispaahotell

Memme majutus

Seedri Residence

Hotel Pärnu

Villa Eeden

Kotka Accommodation

Aisa Home Accommodations

Saare Automatic Hostel

Tulbi Bed and Breakfast

Jannsen Accommodation

Carolina Hotell

Strand SPA & Conference Hotel

Wasa Resort Spa Hotel

Victoria Hotel

Maria farm

Vaiste Rannahäärber

Hedon SPA & Hotel

Pärnu Yacht Club Guesthouse

Vango Wonderland

Melorell Apartments

Hotel Hansalinn

Dönhoff Residence guest apartments

Embrace Guestrooms & Apartments

Café Grand

Cafe Kroon


Villa Wesset

Restaurant Strand

Restaurant Embecke

Restaurant Paradiis

Restaurant Kuu

Tervise Paradiis à la carte restaurant

Wasa Resort Restaurant

Restaurant NOOT

Restaurant Raimond

Restaurant Resto Akord

Pärnu Yacht Club Restaurant

Cotze Café

Golf restaurant Eagle

Santa’s Korstna Farm

Aloha Surf



Sailing on River Pärnu, Pärnu Bay

Pernova Nature House

Pärnu Private Tours

Tõstamaa Handicraft Shop

Lottemaa Theme Park

Museum of New Art

Pärnu Museum

Lydia Koidula Memorial Museum

The Red Tower

Estonian fashion store Siluett

Pärnu Market

Pärnu Central Library

Pärnu Bay Golf Links