Pärnu Bodypaint Festival 2020

Kuupäev: 08.08.2020
Aeg: 16:00 - 22:00

We bring you two coexisting worlds, one of which is ancient traditions and rituals as old as the human race and the other as a modern art form.
People around the world use their bodies as a living canvas on which to express experiences, courage, status, beauty, protection from evil eyes and souls, to bring fertility, to give abilities and the opportunity to transform.

Start of painting works: 16:00
Body Painting Show: 22:00

There are so many ways to be human. How we decorate our bodies tells others who we are. There are so many marks of identity and these are parts of being a human.

The city of Pärnu
Estonian Cultural Endowment
Tradehouse Beauty Store
Diverse Universe Performance Festival 2020

Nikolai 27