Talvine teekond. Ain Anger (bass), Mihkel Poll (klaver)

Pärnu Kontserdimaja, Aida 4
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19:00 - 21:00

Sat, 16 March 19.00 Pärnu Concert Hall

Wed, 20 March 19.00 University of Tartu Assembly Hall

Sat, 23 March 19.00 Estonia Concert Hall

Winter Journey


Ain Anger (bass)

Mihkel Poll (piano)



Schubert. “Winter Journey” song cycle


Winterreise”, the twenty-four-part song cycle by Franz Schubert has throughout the years been one of the favourite pieces of Lied music for singers, pianists, and audiences. The exceptional musical depth and virtuosity, and the uniquely meaningful texts, put to test the substance and perception of the ensemble of any singer or pianist. Our concert life will gain a tremendous breadth of experience by adding this to its list of conquests. It is the first time Ain Anger and Mihkel Poll will interpret the full song cycle together.