Pärnu International Organ Festival - 100 YEARS of ESTONIAN SOUNDS

Pärnu Eliisabeti kirik, Pärnu, Pärnu maakond, Eesti
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20:00 - 21:00

Hedi Viisma, kannel/zither
James D.Hicks (USA), organ  

Here the organ meets a rare partner - an Estonian folk instrument kannel! Together, the American organist and the Estonian kannel player will present an original program consisting mainly of Estonian music. There will be nearly a century between the newest (2023) and the earliest opuses, and alongside several arrangement, also original works for kannel and organ will be featured.  James D. Hicks' years-long interest in Nordic music  has given rise to a series of exciting new commissions.  He is also the initiative taker for this program.