Open workshops for kids and adults

Maarja-Magdaleena Gild, Uus 5, Pärnu, 80010 Pärnu maakond, Eesti
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Times and prices


11:00 - 15:00

No registration needed, come and join the workshop!

- Textile bag decoration

Patchwork studio

Duration: upto 1 hour

Age: starting from 7y

Price: 10.-

- Macrame workshop

(keychain, coaster etc.)

Guild shop

Duration 0,5-2 hours

Price: 5-10.-

-Leather pocket notebook binding

Signes bindery

Duration 1-2 hours

Price: 12.-

- Flower brooch from organza

Kadri's textile and painting studio

Duration: 0,5-1 hours

Price: 5.-

- Ceramics workshop fror children (only on saturday)

Helle's ceramic studio

Duration 0,5-1 hours

Age: 4-10y

Price 5.-

On other times it's possible to attend to workshop on previous agreement. More information: