Heaps of happiness!? An exhibition on well-being, mental health, and balance

Pärnu Muuseum, Aida 3, Pärnu, 80011 Pärnu maakond, Eesti
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15.02.23 - 14.05.23

10:00 - 18:00

15.02 - 14.05.2023 in Pärnu Museum

Discussions about what really matters in life are as old as humankind. The subject of happiness is full of mystery and raises many questions. What is happiness? How can you find it? Why are some people and nations happier than others? These issues interest psychologists, philosophers, politicians, and each and every one of us when we start to contemplate our lives. There are people who can be happy and content regardless of difficult times. Others cannot feel any joy in their lives and circumstances even when they have many positives.

IEstonian Health Museums exhibition "Heaps of Happiness!?" explores what makes people happy and highlights issues of mental health and coping. We share practical tips for concentrating on our positive inner strength and make conscious efforts towards a better life.