Pärnu Loovlinnak/Creative City, Suur-Jõe 10/12, Pärnu, 80013 Pärnu maakond, Eesti
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21:00 - 00:00

Diverse Universe Performance Festival „Defibrillator“


Saturday 8 July, at 9 PM  

Pärnu Loovlinnak / Creative City

Address: Suur - Jõe 10/12 Pärnu 80013


Concept: "Fierce Opposition"

Revealing the interconnectedness of contrary states.
Everything is in flux: everything is always flowing in some respects, according to Jonathan Barnes interpretation of Heraclitus which describes the coincidence of opposites: the co-existence of at least two conditions which are opposite to each other, yet dependent on each other, and thus suspended within a field of tension. This tension is our fascination and our inspiration when assembling the plastic and performance art exhibition: Fierce Opposition.
Considering opposites, particularly when referencing art, one cannot avoid Apollonian and Dionysian discourse. From The Birth of Tragedy, ...two creative tendencies developed alongside one another, usually in fierce opposition, each by its taunts forcing the other to more energetic production Nietzsches idea has been interpreted as an expression of fragmented consciousness or existential instability where inside each of us Apollo and Dionysus wage a war, with the two sides vying with one another for dominance. Opposites are a reality, and their interconnection is essential, but the correlative opposites are not identical to each other. This project sets forth the idea that much may be gained by revealing the interconnectedness of contrary states in life and in the world.

By Joseph Ravens


Performances by:
Defibrillator Chicago & Joseph Ravens (Chicago)
Roberto Sifuentes (Chicago)
Antibody Corporation (Chicago)
Artemis Beasts (New York)


Luulesuvi ja Antisuveteater:
Jürgen Rooste 
Mari-Liis Müürsepp
Artur Rinne
Asko Künnap


Supported by
Estonian Cultural Endowment
Pärnu City Government