360° Audio-visual concert - Vaiko Hansson

Pernova Loodusmaja, A. H. Tammsaare pst 57, Pärnu, 80016 Pärnu maakond, Eesti
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18:00 - 19:00

DOME CINEMA CONCERT at Pernova Nature House!

An audio-visual experience, i.e. a concert with a video around you, on the 360-degree screen. The artist is the Estonian composer Vaiko Hansson, whose music is born from deep experiences, taking the listener on a journey. Vaiko feels that he is not the creator of this music - rather a channel through which the sounds and musical works reach the world.

Vaiko performs his music on piano, medieval violin and synthesizers. The background of the music is a video that surrounds the listener, which further enhances the experience. Magical!

The ticket price includes a visit to Nature House (Loodusmaja) before the concert.