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The nature of Pärnumaa is wonderful, and the best way to enjoy it is to travel right in the middle of it. In the county, there are several options for spending the night in beautiful places, both with a tent and a caravan. It is possible to spend the night in both free and paid areas. You can stay either directly among the trees in the forest or a few meters from the water.

RMK camping sites in Pärnu county

In Estonia, the State Forest Management Center has developed a network of free camping areas, where there is a possibility to make a fire and use a dry toilet.

There are five official larger free camping areas in Pärnu County:

  • Krapi and Lemme camping areas on the Rannametsa-Ikla highway, moving from Pärnu along the coast towards Ikla, between Treimani and Kabli.
  • Lake Rae camping area near Tõitoja-Häädemeeste road, moving from Ikla towards Kilingi-Nõmme.
  • Matsiranna camping area near the Audru-Tõstamaa-Nurmsi highway, moving along the coast from Pärnu towards Virtsu, between Tõstamaa and Varbla.
  • Soontagana camping area at Avaste nature reserve in Põhja-Pärnumaa between forests and bogs.
Matsi beach

In addition, it is possible to camp at many RMK campfire sites and hiking trails. It is worth considering that there is only room for a couple of tents in these places.

In Pärnu County, free camping is available at these RMK locations:

  • Near the Kabli visitor center, at the Priivitsa fire place
  • Katku fire place, on the edge of Katkusoo (Rüütli Swamp).
  • Near the Kaubaru forest hut, in the Nigula nature reserve
  • Kellisaare fire place, near Vändra
  • Kilingi-Nõmme fire place, near Kilingi-Nõmme
  • Kopra fire place, which is from Kilingi-Nõmme towards Viljandi
  • Near the visitor center of Matsalu National Park, at the Penijõe fire place
  • At the Nedrema Wood Meadow fire place, near Koonga
  • At the Rumba fire place, near Kasari
  • In Soomaa National Park, at the Meiekose Landing Bridge, Meiekose Saarte fire place, Meiekose oak forest hut, Muinasküla fire place and Pertlimetsa fire place and many other places in Soomaa National Park.

You can see all RMK free camping sites HERE.

Lemme camping site

Other camping in Pärnu

There are three official places suitable for camping in the city of Pärnu:

  • Konse Motel, which is located on the banks of the Pärnu River and can accommodate 10-15 medium-sized tents.
  • Esplanaadi camping site, which is located near the old town of Pärnu and has space for 10 tents.
  • Fishing Village Pärnu, which is located on the city border of Pärnu and can accommodate up to 30 tents.

Camping outside the city is possible in most places of accommodation – holiday villages, tourist farms, homestays, etc. You can get the best overview of them here.

Solar Caravan Park

With a caravan

There are official caravan parks with all the essential services for caravans, both in the city of Pärnu and in the county.

In the city:

  • Konse Motel, which is located in the heart of Pärnu and can accommodate up to 90 mobile homes.
  • Fishing Village Pärnu, which is located on the city border of Pärnu and can accommodate up to 40 caravans.

In the county:

  • Solar Caravan Park, the most modern caravan park in Pärnu County, which is located 10 km from the city of Pärnu and can accommodate nearly 60 caravans.
  • Ermistu Holiday Village, a holiday village located in Tõstamaa township, on the shores of the beautiful Ermistu lake, can accommodate up to 15 mobile homes

Parking with a caravan

In the city of Pärnu, it is possible to park a caravan in most public parking lots. If there is no sign prohibiting parking with a caravan when you enter the parking lot, then you can also stay there with a caravan. In several parking lots in the center of Pärnu, it is worth considering the parking fee.

You can also park your caravan in public parking lots outside the city.

Camping and parking on private land

Based on the laws of the Republic of Estonia in § 35 of the Civil Code, it is possible to stay on an unrestricted or unmarked land area, which is located outside a densely populated area, for up to 24 hours, provided that the land owner has not expressed the contrary. When staying on private land, you have to choose a place away from residential buildings and their immediate surroundings.

In cities, towns and other densely populated places, camping and other permanent stays are prohibited without the express consent of the landowner.

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