Sights in
Pärnu County

Kihnu Island and Museum

Kihnu Island is a unique fusion of the present and the past. The culture of Kihnu Island has been awarded UNESCO heritage status and should captivate anyone who is interested in cultural heritage, unique wildlife and friendly people. Women of the island wear körts, national skirts knitted by themselves, as a part of their everyday clothing. The sights of Kihnu Island include the cemetery, church, lighthouse, and museum. The Kihnu Museum displays a wealth of items related to the daily life – tools, clothes, handicrafts, furniture. The museum also features a display of famous Kihnu men and the artwork of Kihnu naïve artists.

Soomaa National Park

Soomaa National Park is a national nature preserve founded for the protection, research and introduction of large bogs, meadows and forests. Established in 1993, the preserve has become especially famous for the flood periods when water flowing into meadows and forests cut the area off from the outside world. Locals say that Soomaa has five seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter and floods. The Soomaa Nature Centre located in Kõrtsi-Tõramaa offers all kinds of information about the exciting places, hiking trails and camping sites at Soomaa. The national park offers possibilities to hike on boardwalks as well as trails running on the ground, but you can also book a canoeing trip or a snowshoe or kicksled hike.

C.R Jakobson Farm Museum

The Carl Robert Jakobson Farm Museum in Kurgja presents the life, work, and farm established by Carl Robert Jakobson, one of the leaders of the Estonian 19th century national awakening. Today, cattle are still bred on the territory of the museum, and the old farm buildings such as the cowshed, granary, sauna, mill, and threshing barn have been restored. You can try your hand at farm work and get acquainted with old customs. The visitors can enjoy Estonian national dishes at the café and buy local handicraft from the shop.

Lottemaa Theme Park

Lottemaa, the largest theme park in the Baltics, is located six kilometres from Pärnu. The theme park located in a lovely forest by the sea is actually the village of Gadgetville familiar from Lotte movies, musicals, and books. There are more than a hundred attractions, thematic houses, delicious dishes, souvenir shops and a beach waiting to be discovered. There is enough to be discovered and invented as well as incredibly exciting adventures for the entire family to fill an entire day.

Valgeranna beach

Valgeranna is a long south-facing sandy beach protected from the cold northern winds by a beautiful pine forest. There is a children’s playground, dressing cabins, paddle boat rental and a café on the beach. The Valgeranna promenade is a beautiful 300 metre long footpath that takes you from the parking lot to the sea and partially weaves under the Valgeranna Adventure Park. The observation tower equipped with lights offers beautiful sights.