What to do
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TOP 20 attractions
in Pärnu County


The Kihnu Cultural Space, with its traditional lifestyle, customs, folk culture, and the nature of the archipelago, have been included in the UNESCO list of Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Kihnu Island is particularly popular among visitors who have come from far away, especially among Japanese tourists, who come to learn about the UNESCO-listed culture and way of life on the island. The island offers discovery and genuine emotions for fellow countrymen and foreign tourists alike.

The island of Kihnu was selected as one of Europe’s TOP 100 Green Destinations in 2021.

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Kihnu folk costumes (Photo: Innervisionteam)
Kihnu lighthouse (Photo: Innervisionteam)

Valgerand Beach and adventure park

Located outside of the city, Valgerand is well-suited for people who prefer an atmosphere that is calmer than the one found at Pärnu Beach. In addition, Valgeranna Adventure Park, which is Pärnu’s biggest adventure park, is located next to the beach. Trails with six different levels of difficulty put each climber’s skills to the test.

Alpaca farm

At the alpaca farm, you can also meet goats and rabbits. What makes your visit special is that tours of the farm are given, where the everyday life of the animals is discussed. You can also feed the animals yourself. The farm is located approximately 20 kilometres from the city of Pärnu, along the Pärnu-Tallinn Highway.

Alpaca farm (Photo: Innervisionteam)

Soomaa National Park

Soomaa National Park is known for its five seasons, during which the region is prone to flooding. The fifth season may take place several times in a year, or not at all. When the land is covered with floodwaters, you can move about on canoes. During colder periods, the water can freeze and large skating rinks are formed.

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Lotte Village

Located outside of the City of Pärnu is Lotte Village, the largest theme park in the Baltic States. Lotte is a popular animated character in Estonia. The whole of Lotte Village looks the same as it does in the animated films. The theme park is open during the summer and around Christmas.

Lotte Village
Canoe trip in Soomaa (Photo: Innervisionteam)

Kabli Beach

Kabli Beach and the area around it are a popular holiday destination, which is why there are many summer cottages in the region. Near the beach is a camping site, the visitor centre of Kabli Bird Station, and a nature and study trail.

C.R. Jakobson Farm Museum at Kurgja

At the farm museum named after one of the most notable figures of the nineteenth-century Age of Awakening, you can learn about what life was like at the time. There are many different animals and buildings on the site. In addition, many different events are held there.

Matsalu National Park

Matsalu National Park is one of Europe’s richest areas in terms of bird species, with more than 270 species having been recorded there. The biggest migration periods are during the autumn and spring. In addition, there are several nature and study trails and watchtowers in the park.

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Jaanihanso CiderHouse

Jaanihanso CiderHouse was the first undertaking to begin producing apple cider here in Estonia. By now, the farm’s products has won several international awards. If requested, visitors are given a short tour, introduced to production, and a cider tasting is organised. In addition, Jaanihanso has a small reception hall, where various dinners are arranged from time to time. In 2018, Jaanihanso took home the title of Pärnu’s best tourism developer.

Tori Cider and Wine Farm

The Tori Cider and Wine Farm introduces the production of domestic craft ciders. A modern reception room has been built next to the production facility, in which different types of events and seminars can be organised. Products from the Tori Cider and Wine Farm have won several international awards.

Tori Cider and Wine farm (Photo: Maksim Tund/Rohelise Jõemaa Koostöökogu)
Jaanihanso CiderHouse

Halinga Car Museum

The majority of the cars on display at the Halinga Car Museum are Soviet-era machines. The restored cars on display convey a good feeling of nostalgia or joy in discovering that something old has become new again. There are also a number of vehicles from across the pond on display. The museum is located right along the Tallinn-Pärnu Highway.

Tõstamaa Manor and Museum

A school operates on a daily basis within Tõstamaa Manor. With an advance reservation, it is possible to learn about the manor’s history and visit the museum located there. The museum introduces you to the local lifestyle.


Pärnu is home to two wine manors: in Pootsi and Allikukivi. Both manors offer tours for visitors, where they discuss the history of the manor and the winemaking process. In addition, products can also be tasted. What makes the Allikukivi Wine Manor unique is that the majority of their production is made from locally grown berries and fruits. In addition, various concerts are held there in summer.

Allikukivi Wine Manor (Photo: Maksim Tund/Rohelise Jõemaa Koostöökogu

Estonian Museum Railway

The museum is home to a working steam locomotive that makes occasional trips. In addition, you can learn about the history of the narrow-gauge railway. More than 70 different exhibits related to the narrow-gauge railway can be found on site.

Jõulumäe Sports and Recreation Centre

The Jõulumäe Sports and Recreation Centre is the largest athletic complex in the region. No matter the season, there is always an opportunity to try different sports at the complex. The necessary sports equipment can be rented for a fee or even for free. At Jõulumäe, you can run, ski, play tennis, basketball, and disc golf, ride a bicycle, and much more.

Tori Village

Located outside of Soomaa is Tori Village, which has several attractions. Along the banks of the Pärnu River is a small collapsed cave, called the Tori Hell cave. There are many stories and legends associated with the site. Tori is also home to a well-preserved church, in which Estonia’s police officers and military officers give their oath of office. Tori is also home to the famous Tori Horse Breeding Farm.

Tori Hell Cave (Photo: Innervisionteam)
Jõulumäe Sports and Recreation Centre

Country clubs

There are two country clubs in Pärnu – White Beach Golf and Pärnu Bay Golf Links. The latter of the two ranks among the Top 100 best courses in the world. Pärnu Bay Golf Links is located directly by the sea, which makes playing there an excellent challenge. The White Beach Golf course is more level. Both clubs have proper and new clubhouses. Read more about golf in Pärnu HERE.

Butterfly House

The Butterfly House is one of the most unique attractions in Pärnu. There, you can see and learn about different types of exotic butterflies all year round. Butterflies can be seen up close and it is possible that they will even land on the palm of your hand.

Porsche ring

Porsche Ring is one of the most modern race tracks in the Nordic region. This is why people from several neighbouring countries come to race their own cars at Porsche Ring. If you have no fast car of your own, then you can rent a car at the track or try a unique drift taxi. In 2019, Porsche Ring was selected as Pärnu’s tourism developer of the year.

Nature and study trails

Pärnu is home to many nature and study trails. The best-known are the Tolkuse Nature and Study Trail, located next to the Pärnu-Riia Highway, and the Riisa Nature and Study Trail in Soomaa. What makes the Riisa Nature and Study Trail unique is that a portion of the trail can covered with a pram and a wheelchair. Both bogs have a bog lake where you can go swimming. There is a tall observation tower at Tolkuse Bog.

Butterfly House (Photo: Maksim Tund/Romantiline Rannatee)
Riisa Bog (Photo: Priidu Saart)