Voca People

Pärnu Kontserdimaja, Aida 4
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19:00 - 20:40


Cosmic Tour


A new musical journey begins…

The international sensation and award-winning galactical entertainers are back!

A NEW show starring your favorite musical aliens from planet VOCA.

Join VOCA PEOPLE on a space travel, back to the musical planet VOCA and experience space travel, the musical way, in a show that will make you laugh, clap, and sing your throat out.

Over 100 All times favorite hits, from Elton John to Beyonce, Stevie wonder, Bruno Mars and many more. Your favorite music performed live with no musical instruments only vocals and the art of beatbox creating a full live orchestra in the unique famous VOCA PEOPLE style.

“Simply great A knockout”

New York Times

“Aliens with golden voices!”

Le Parisien

“Terrifically Engaging”

New York Post