Pärnu Muusikafestival 2023 / Pass

Pärnu linn, No Address

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Avatud 11.07 - 21.07

19:00 - 23:59

  • Järvi Akadeemy in Tallinn
    Tuesday, 11 July 202320:00 – 22:00
  • Pärnu Music Festival OPENING CONCERT, Conductor Neeme Järvi
    Wednesday, 12 July 202320:00 – 22:00c
  • Järvi AkadeMY GALA
    Thursday, 13 July 202320:00 – 22:00
  • Kristjan Järvi and friends
    Friday, 14 July 202320:00 – 22:00
  • Paavo Järvi and Estonian Festival Orchestra, solist Pinchas Zukerman
    Saturday, 15 July 202320:00 – 23:00
  • Paavo Järvi and Estonian Festival Orchestra, soloist TBA 
    Sunday, 16 July 202320:00 – 22:00
  • The Estonian Foundation of Musical Instruments and Night concert
    Monday, 17 July 202320:00 – 22:00
  • Chamber Gala
    Tuesday, 18 July 202319:00 – 21:00
  • Järvi Academy Final Concert
    Wednesday, 19 July 202320:00 – 22:00
  • Pärnu Music Festival Final Concert I, conductor Paavo Järvi
    Estonian Festival Orhestra, soloist TBA  
    Thursday, 20 July 202320:00 – 23:00
  • Pärnu Music Festival Final Concert II, conductor Paavo Järvi
    Estonian Festival Orhestra, soloist TBA  
    Thursday, 21 July 202320:00 – 23:00
Pärnu Music Festival 12–21 July 2023 will bring legendary violinist and violist Pinchas Zukerman to
Estonia, and Neeme Järvi will conduct the festival's opening concert.
"Every year, world-famous soloists have surprised Pärnu’s audiences, and they’ll do it again this
summer. Although the programme is traditionally revealed in spring, we are delighted to already
announce the first arrivals to the Pärnu Music Festival," says Kristjan Hallik, the festival's CEO.
Pinchas Zukerman, the world-renowned violinist and violist, and a legend of concert halls for more
than 50 years, is one of four top soloists who will perform on the Pärnu stage with the Estonian
Festival Orchestra (EFO) and conductor Paavo Järvi. The EFO will have busy days ahead, as they will
perform for home audiences for a total of four nights.
One evening Kristjan Järvi and Friends will give a concert in Pärnu. A year ago, the youngest of the
Järvi's brought an orchestra to Pärnu, which played the whole evening "standing up and without
notes". Also in the new year, Kristjan Järvi's conducting will offer a concert experience that goes
beyond the boundaries of classical music.
For ten days, the music festival will fill Pärnu with a large community of musicians and music lovers.
Concerts will take place every evening, and the summer capital will be filled with the buzz of music.
The festival kicks off on the evening of 12 July with the opening concert conducted by maestro
Neeme Järvi at Pärnu Concert Hall, which will remain the central venue for the following days.
Neeme Järvi's return to the festival after an absence of several years was warmly received by the
Pärnu audience last year, and according to the culture newspaper Sirp, his spirited created a
remarkably pleasant atmosphere.
In addition to the concerts, the Pärnu Music Festival also includes the Järvi Academy, or master
classes for young musicians and conductors, organised by Neeme Järvi, Paavo Järvi, Kristjan Järvi and
many others. Registration and receipt of applications will start in the new year. Also, for the fourth
summer in a row, you can catch the Pärnu Concert Hall’s music event via Pärnu Music Festival TV.
Pärnu Music Festival is one of the most renowned international classical music festivals in Estonia,
combining the Järvi Academy or workshops for young musicians, a high-level concert programme and
the Estonian Festival Orchestra under the direction and baton of Paavo Järvi. It has toured concert
halls all over Europe and performed at the BBC Proms at the Royal Albert Hall. The orchestra always
performs once a year in front of a home audience at the Pärnu Music Festival.