Weaving Studio Vaibapesa at Maarja-Magdaleena Gild: woven rugs, shawls, folk costumes, plaids, tablemats and other products

I love weaving on a loom. It makes me feel as if I am an artist whose easel is the loom, brush is the shuttle, and who paints with strips of cloth or yarn. This is how I paint my pictures, get the colours just right, meditate and enjoy the process.
I use natural materials for my products: cotton, wool, linen, raw silk, jute, etc.
The following items are available in the shop or can be ordered:
- Woven rugs
- Woollen rugs
- Scarves, shawls, plaids
- Fabric for folk costumes
- Tablemats and other home textiles
I can create custom-made items according to the wishes of the client!

+372 507 6221
Pärnu, Uus tänav 5