Visit to Allikukivi Winery

The winery, which is housed in the mansion of a director of a former silk and cloth factory, produces handmade wines from Estonian berries and fruits. The production of the hostess of the winery has been recognised with places in the finals of Estonian wine competitions through the years. 
In terms of white wines, the rhubarb wine is the most prestige – people who have tried it have compared it to an interesting white grape wine. In terms of more colourful drinks, our cellar offers wines made from black currant, apple, raspberry, rowan, and Aronia.
We invite you to try unique drinks on the large mansion balcony. Additionally, we will kindly introduce the process of making wine, the history of the mansion, and the berry plantation.
We ask groups who are interested in visiting us to agree on a specific time with us beforehand.
+372 525 2800
Allikukivi küla, Saarde vald