Viruna Farm canoe and bog hike in high moor

100 km2 – this is the size of the largest preserved high moor, an upland area with about a hundred lakes and a February daphne forest.
The owner of the farm will be our guide; we start out on a tractor (4 km), then continue uphill on foot along the soft moss and animal tracks (800 m). We will reach the lakes, where we'll begin a canoe trip in between nameless islets on the lakes of the February daphne forest.
No mosquitoes, warm water and hot moss – this is a Virgin's Hunt in the summer.

The minimum duration of the trip is 5 hours; the maximum size of the group is 30 people.
Dinner and sauna are available if ordered separately.
+372 445 7751, +372 5693 9969
Kiraste küla, Tõstamaa vald, Viruna