Viiking Saaga Water and Sauna Centre at the Spa-Hotel Viiking

Viiking Saaga Water and Sauna Centre is  a true ‘Viking oasis’ with its unique interior design!

The saunas are hidden in  mountain caves,  and the lights are reminiscent of stalagmites. An illusory  starry sky  is above the water and the walls have a curvy design. The large pool gets its character from an island and in the centre, there is a murmuring waterfall.
Next to the pools, you will find  a bar with heated lounge chairs  for relaxation and refreshment. Children can have fun in the  upstream river and children’s pool.

Outside   on the rooftop  on the first floor, you find a roof garden and a Viking  igloo sauna.
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Pärnu linn, Pärnu, Sadama tänav 15